What’s important to us

One of the most important things to us is customer satisfaction and getting the job done probably and professional. We are forever seeing these stories about “cowboy” builders and how they are destroying people’s lives. Being a Builder isn’t just about building a structure it’s about helping people to achieve what they have always wanted. Some people save for years to be able to have the extension they need, or to build their new house they have always dreamed of. If the Building firm in charge of this is a “cowboy” they don’t just get the build wrong, but they cost the customer their money plus their dream of a better future. Masterbrickwork understand the emotional connection to each structure we build, which is why we are not just passionate about what we do, we are also experts with over 35 years experience. To prove we have what it takes we are proud members of Checkatrade and would urge every customer to take a look at our site, where it has all our feedback, photos of our work and of course all our legal documents.


Masterbrickwork…. making your house a home

Get it done properly, don’t risk a COWBOY!

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